THE DEATH SPIRAL Reblogged from Desert Musings

So, Hillary Clinton was hit with another bombshell that would have deflated the candidacy of any other mere mortal into oblivion on Tuesday. Of course, you know Howard Dean was dumped by the Democrats because of an “EEEEYHAH!!”, and John Edwards and Gary Hart were bounced because of extra-marital affairs…from a party that relishes in such activities. Now the question is, will Hillary be swamped and ultimately sunk because of her choice of words on March 10, 2015? Let me re-phrase what she said in case you forgot…

“I did not have any classified material on that server, and I uh, uh, know that uh, what uh, classified material is and how it’s classified”.

Fast forward a little more than 10 months when the Inspector General for the intelligence community found “at least a half dozen emails” that were classified as TOP SECRET/SAP”, which is the highest TOP SECRET clearance you can achieve. At this point, it garnered a guilty plea from former CIA Director David Petraeus for exactly the same crime…except for the fact that he gave the information to a person who actually had clearance to read it. Hillary had it on an unsecured non-government server and most likely had it hacked by foreign governments. Petraeus had his career ruined and was fined an inordinate amount of money. Clinton? Well, we’re going to have to wait and see.

Here’s the problem the Obama administration finds itself in. They have two choices when the FBI releases its findings. They can either ignore the evidence that the rest of the country has been exposed to for upwards of 10 months and decide not to prosecute Hillary on the charges, the same charges, that David Petraeus was prosecuted on; or they can prosecute Hillary on the charges, ruining her chances at any shot of gaining the presidency. In either case, her chances of winning the presidency have dwindled to 2% in the estimation of those of us in the desert. She’s “Dead Woman Walking”, and is heading for the execution chamber, politically speaking of course.

Now, Hillary won’t admit to any wrong doing because to do so would admit to lying, and that’s something that is absolutely death to any politician. But the whole world views her as a liar already, and as someone that is as untrustworthy as they come. She is a mortally wounded candidate should she win the Democrats’ nomination. Bernie Sanders, as unelectable as he is, is a much better choice at this point because at least, he’s an honorable candidate, if totally flawed in his political persuasion.

Worst case scenario for the Democrats at this point is that Hillary is indicted, and prosecuted, and wins the nomination. She fails miserably in the general election and hands the White House over whomever the GOP nominates….hell; even I could win that one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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