Hillary says she is not lying which means she believes families who lost loved ones are.

Common logic dictates that if Obama is pushing a narrative and Susan rice is pushing a narrative and the families who lost loved ones in Benghazi state Hillary said “We are going to get the man who made the video” I want to know what video? it was a cover-up perpetrated by the Obama administration which at that point meant the big fat liar named Hillary Clinton. Each family who had to learn their loved ones had been murdered in Benghazi was originally told that the cause of the attacks was a spontaneous  reaction in response to an anti Muslim video. Susan rice pushed this story on all the Sunday morning talk shows She pushed this story because this was the Obama/Hillary cover story it was a lie plain and simple and simple.Obama, Rice and Hillary conspired to cover up the truth about what happened in Benghazi. You see I believe the parents and families of those that lost their lives in Benghazi and there is only one person so twisted that she would call the families of these fallen heroes. I am here today writing about this tragedy because these families deserve JUSTICE!  They deserve the respect of the entire nation and most of all they should know for certain that Hillary will never live in the White house again. I watched Fox News last night and the Benghazi survivors told their story and I tell you what, it is a hell of a lot more credible than Hillary’s version of what happened that night. These families should not be called liars, they should be treated with respect. I have to say I cannot remember a time when a presidential candidate believed it was acceptable to call mourning families liars. Further I have to wonder at the possibility that Hillary has a few loose screws We already know she is a pathological liar, so now I have to ask who among the democrats is going to step up and call her out? This is disgusting that Hillary compounds the hurt and loss by calling these people who raised heroes ans Hillary is so cold and unfeeling that she would call them liars.

Just the thought of Hillary possibly getting elected seems like a nightmare the very fact the Democrats have become so morally bankrupt that they would nominate Hillary a woman who truly has blood on her hands, the very woman who boldly stated when confronted about the deaths in Benghazi “At this point what difference does it make?” She denied requests to beef up security more than once and in fact it looks like she did everything she could to put people in harms way. The truth I believe I heard last night. You know the feeling, you can tell when you are being sold a bill of goods and you know when the story being told  just isn’t cutting it. But calling these families liars is outright unAmerican and is an outright slap in the face to these people who thanks to Hillary Clinton had to see their loved ones laid to rest before their time. These men were heroes, they waited on help that never came Hillary, Obama and a string of others put these men in their graves because they did not have the guts to do the right thing and admit that they (Obama, Hillary, Rice and others within the administration were in over their heads and had no idea what to do. Look Obama hands out titles at will he vets nobody just like he was never vetted before being elected. This is our government and almost daily we are reminded on what a poor job this administration has done. From top to bottom they  are a complete failure  and for Hillary to sit back and truly believe she deserves to be president one can only wonder at the world of delusion the woman must be living in? Thats it for me folks I can only offer an answer to Hillary’s question, At this point Hillary it makes a huge difference, well at least it should Those were human lives that died on your watch and you tried to shuck the blame True Americans don’t like liars and I hope to God you never make it to the White House because you are probably the most twisted piece of crap that ever tried to gain the White House. When you folks reading this get your turn to cast your vote please remember those who died as heroes  and their loved one who Hillary now wants to label as liars. They don’t deserve the label and it is a disservice to those who gave it all because it was the right thing to do Those men deserve far more thanks than our government is acknowledging.


Signing off but never tapping out. God Bless America.



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  2. Nah…Hillary doesn’t lie…just ask the IG that’s investigating her email. Remember when she steadfastly said she never had classified documents on the server? Now it turns out she had TOP SECRET/SAP documents! Dozens of them!! That’s the classification that ended David Petraeus’ career. Let’s see if it ends Hillary’s!!

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