Trump brings his A Game to Liberty University

I watched Trump this morning at Liberty University, this was not the Trump we are used to. He was calm, rational well spoken and obviously said the right things because numerous times he was interrupted by applause I have not seen him look and act so presidential since he decided to run. He spoke about Christianity and how we need faith and religion in our lives here in America. I as well believe that without God in our lives we are lost.As of this moment I have no objections to a Donald Trump presidency. This does not mean anything more than I believe he understands what must be seen as something important in the coming election. If he gets the nod we shall see how he deals with it. Today though he showed a side we do not often see from Mr. Trump I believe within the vibrato dwells a man who loves this country and truly wants to make this country strong again.

We already know what to expect from Clinton, the woman cannot be trusted to do her job nor can we expect honesty in any form nor will we ever be able to trust a single word that comes out of her mouth. My hope is that the voting public is not fooled  by the lies and is wise enough  to understand she (Hillary Clinton) is bad,she left a trail of dead Americans in Benghazi and on top of that she now wants people to believe that the families of those dead Americans murdered in Benghazi are lying about the fact that Hillary told them she was going to get the person who made the video What video you ask? Why the non existent video she and Obama planned to use to hide the simple fact that the Secretary of state  and the president were 100 percent at fault for those deaths as both Hillary and Obama sought to cover the deaths up by blaming it on response to a video that did not exist.

Signing off, but Never Tapping out. God Bless America.



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    Donald Trump: THE LION OF AMERICA.

  2. I’m becoming more and more convinced that Donald Trump COULD actually be the nominee, and COULD actually end up being president. I would disagree with you about his Liberty University speech however. I thought it was lacking in a lot of factual material that he should have nailed in front of that crowd. His Biblical references were off quite a bit (not something you want to do at Liberty!), and while yes, there was no ranting or raving, and yes, the audience was very appreciative and very polite, I don’t think it was his best appearance. Still, it didn’t hurt him to be there in light he is going to need to win South Carolina!

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