Obama will not endorse candidate in Democratic primary race

So the news is Obama will not endorse a candidate in the primary race. There could be a myriad of reasons behind this but it is fun to speculate. Now we know Hillary truly screwed things up as Sec of state and made Obama look bad. Well actually Obama did plenty in close to eight years to make himself look bad but as we all know Obama loves a scapegoat. So perhaps he is a bit disenchanted with Hillary? But wait, could there be no endorsement (For Hillary at least) Because she is going to indicted? The rumor mill is loaded with predictions Hillary is going to face charges which would truly make my day. Perhaps no endorsement for Hillary is because he has no more use for her and this is something that would screw up his legacy? Maybe it is time for Hillary to stand on her own? I mean if we look at it over the years she has been  a continuous source of scandal and controversy. Seriously the woman cannot do anything that does not turn into a hornets nest of controversy.I like to believe that she has reached the end of her rope and it would be a welcome end to say the least but I have a nagging feeling Obama wants to appear above the fray and will probably endorse the pant suit at a later date. Lets all keep our fingers crossed  ad hope a great big indictment is coming Hillary’s way that she will nor be able to squirm her way out of. Sadly an indictment is greatly needed to stop Hillary in her tracks. she has earned it so lets hope the FBI puts in the request…Signing off, but Never Tapping out. God Bless America.



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  1. Not sure an Obama endorsement is worth much anymore, not with his popularity plunging.

  2. Without a doubt he is less popular than Jessie Ventura…LOL

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