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Obama Wag The Dog, Just Like Bill Clinton

What is it with Democratic presidents?

When Bill Clinton was in danger of being impeached by the House of Representatives for Obstruction of Justice and Perjury, he bombed the hell our of Iraq in order to prevent Saddam Hussein from obtaining weapons of mass destruction.

A president embroiled in a sex scandal in the Oval Office tries to save his presidency by distracting the nation with a made-for-TV war far from American soil in an obscure country.

It’s not the latest news out of Washington, but the plot of the movie “Wag the Dog.” In the 1997 movie, a shadowy spin doctor played by Robert De Niro recruits a Hollywood producer (Dustin Hoffman) to invent a war against Albania.

The film came out just before the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke — and no doubt benefited at the box office and then at the video store from the publicity. Now, the film is all the buzz again because of President Clinton’s announcement — three days after admitting for the first time an inappropriate relationship with Ms. Lewinsky — that he ordered military strikes in two countries. <source>

And now we have Barack Hussein Obama, under well-deserved scrutiny by Congress and the American people for his Richard-Nixon multiple abuses-of-power, deciding to go to war in Syria.

WASHINGTON (AP) — After months of caution, President Barack Obama suddenly is positioned more aggressively on Syria than the global leaders he’s joining at a summit Monday, now that he has authorized weapons and ammunition shipments to struggling rebels. <source>

Just like that — “suddenly”, the article says — our military is gearing up to join the fight in Syria.

Nice try, Barack Obama, but we all know that you are on an inexorable Nixonian slide into prosecution and disgrace for your abuses of power. How far will you go to try and stop it?

Just keep in mind that more and more of your supporters are finally onto you and your tricks.


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  1. Like Clinton, Obama is obsessed with politics. It’s his religion. And because of that, he looks at the world a LOT differently than normal people. He’s just not wired the same way the rest of us are. It’s too bad we didn’t learn our lesson in the 90’s with Clinton…history IS repeating itself!

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