Bernie swings both ways, seems he cannot make up his mind.

It was just last week when  Hillary decided Bill should should join her on the campaign trail and it was not long until Bernie said he did not want to hear about Bill Clinton’s sexcapades  That we the people did not need a refresher to remind us of how the man Defiled the white house, How he lied to a nation under oath and how Hillary remained in his corner. Further she chose to attack Bill’s victim. Now Bernie is slamming Bill Clinton calling the Lewinsky scandal disgusting. But what I am beginning to notice is a trend with Hillary She has stated that when a woman makes a claim of rape people should listen and put them selves in the woman’s shoes so to speak and exercise some compassion. Then we must take a few minutes to  compose ourselves before we look at How Hillary Rodham Clinton has treated every woman with the guts to step forward . Think back she has done everything she can to destroy these women. So what does that tell you about Hillary’s compassion for the victims of her husband? It is disgusting and more so because in those times we see Hillary in true form not giving an ounce of concern for possible victims of rape. in the past few days more women are again coming forward because they want the nation to know what type of people the Clinton’s are. I would commend Bernie for finally figuring out the Lewinsky scandal was disgusting and I would add that Hillary’s lack of compassion for her husbands victims is equally disgusting and it shows she is no champion of women in this country or anywhere else for that matter.

So after having said that I wonder how it is that even a single woman in this country would find any comfort having Hillary anywhere near the white house? Never again should a Clinton be trusted to run this country.We are back to Hillary and her compassion Look how much compassion she has shown for her victims you remember them right the bodies of four Americans she left waiting for rescue that never came. She must answer for Benghazi and dead Americans.


Signing off, But never tapping out. God Bless America



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  1. Nicely said my friend. We can’t let her off the hook. Ever!

  2. Thanks and not ever in my lifetime could she redeem herself

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