Obama plans to assault the second amendment via executive order

I wonder if in his latest attempt to undermine the constitution if the president has ever heard the term “Due Process”? I am sure Loretta lynch knows it will take a lot more than an executive order to take away our second amendment and I wonder how a president who could not stop the mass killings in his home town thinks he can take away our guns? But let us focus a minute on the killings in Chicago and how they are basically an every day occurrence. The man is an idiot who believes disarming the law abiding citizen will magically make the world a safer place.

It is not the law abiding citizens that are the problem here, our president is the problem because his plan is to punish  people for following the laws in this country.The man who would be king has no valid solutions so instead wants to take away our right to own a gun, and anybody with a brain knows that only honest people would surrender their guns and the criminal element would then have a lock on the citizens of this nation. So in his final year in office the idiocy continues and we see what amounts to a madman who is willing to place us all at risk by attempting to remove protections of the second amendment which is our right to keep and bare arms.

One thing that truly eats at me is the allegiances he has had with Eric Holder and Now Loretta Lynch. When ideology takes precedence over the governing of this nation and the upholding of the laws in this nation it becomes clear that the wrong man is at the helm. Look Eric Holder broke the law in the fast and Furious scandal and that is why Obama granted him a pass by executive privilege. What I am getting at here is yet another liberal wants to take away our rights based on the actions of others not ours. Under liberal rule this nation has lost its way and our president and his pals know no end to their hypocrisy. All I can say is that now more than ever before I am thankful for term limits and the hope we get a new president that understands the importance of the constitution and does not view it as something that should be defied as often as possible.Signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America




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