Hillary Brings Secret Weapon on Campaign Trail

Isn’t it a bit idiotic for the liar to drag another liar along with her on the campaign trail? She states she wants to battle Trump and his sexism, but isn’t her hubby Bill one of the biggest sexists in politics? Look I get it people like Bill far more than they like Hillary. Bill is old history, Bill is a liar and Bill a straight up scum-bag the man lied under oath and still people treat him like royalty. In my opinion he is a disgusting lech and I hope his presence costs Hillary big time. Hillary is obviously not a strong enough candidate or she would not need to be propped up by another liar. The woman is a power hungry idiot and she will do anything and everything she can to attain the power she feels she is owed. I got news for her though the only thing she is owed is a jail cell She should be more concerned about righting countless wrongs rather  than dragging her piece of crap husband out on the campaign trail to tell more lies. As I have come to understand Hillary on her own cannot pull off this election and frankly her husband, I doubt can make much of a difference at this point. Her problem is she cannot deal with Trump and all her complaints about him are not sticking. For the first time she is having trouble getting a label to stick. It is my hope her campaign goes down in flames and she and her husband fade into obscurity. Our nation would be a better place without  them constantly seeking relevance through power. Signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America.


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