Zuck wants to hide the truth.

Last night while reading the

tomfernandez28’s Blog

I came across a story about a refugee Raping a Swedish woman and facebook admin chose to shut the story down because they don’t want to run any negative stories about refugees. They can ban the stories all they want but what does that accomplish? Zuckerberg does not understand he cannot make this reality go away. Sure he can bury these stories and and think he is doing a great service to these refugees but in reality he is simply indicating that the victims who suffer at the hands of these refugees mean nothing. This policy to ban these types of stories only serves to show the world just how dangerous Facebook policy is. who in their right mind would seek to cover up the atrocities perpetrated by refugees? In my mind this information is important because we have to protect Americans in this country first and foremost. You would think a man with his new child would want to assure the safety of those who have have to deal with what are often criminals from other countries

Zuck, you are doing no favors to anybody by hiding their bad deeds and your policy lacks common compassion for those who have become victims. You know some of these people are bad yet you place them even above the lives of Americans.

Signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America



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  1. Zuck is without a doubt way Left!

  2. We try to put all incidents on single map to find out what is real or fake regarding refugees. You can see the results here: culturesclash.herokuapp.com We would really appreciate if you can spread a word or add new articles (form on website)

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