Hillary says Trump best recruiter for ISIS

If you want to know who I believe are the best recruiters for ISIS I will tell you and it isn’t Trump It is Obama and Hillary and their attitude towards the fight against ISIS. Obama broadcasts his lack luster response to the threats we face and this is encouraging to Isis and their supporters because they now believe the United States is no longer mighty and will no longer stand its ground. We see Hillary stating we have ISIS exactly where we want them. I hear her speak these words and I understand that it is the very fact she speaks those words that prove just how out of touch she actually is. Make no mistake, ISIS is doing exactly what they want to do and will continue to do so until we have somebody in the White House that understands terrorism and how to take it on Until that happens ISIS is going to continue to do whatever the hell they want because our president does not have the balls to take them out.What I firmly believe is the longer our leadership puts off the inevitable the worse things become because more people move to support ISIS. This do nothing administration is by far one of the best recruiters for ISIS because ISIS looks on the surface to be winning.


Signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America!




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  1. It’s NOT Gitmo? Oh…brother…pass the duct tape. My head’s going to explode!

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