Had a little trouble sleeping…

Its true I had a lot of trouble finding sleep a couple of nights ago so as I went through the channels looking for something to watch I landed on CSPAN and Jason Chaffetz was ripping homeland security a new ass. He was calling people for testimony as to why there are thousands upon thousands of people who have had their Visas revoked and not a single one of these people can be located. I watched for a couple of hours and honestly I now understand completely how the democrats have screwed up this country. Chaffetz would ask a question of somebody as to why they said something and they would deny saying it and he would have to point out that they did say it  in prior testimony. People, over and over again they had to be shown exactly what they swore to.Is it just me but is it too much to ask that we keep track of the people we allow into this country who are “Not Citizens” of the United States of America? Look some of you may not agree but we have to take control of our borders because the DHS has their heads wedged deep in their backside.

Honestly it is miracle most of these idiots working at DHS can tie their own shoes. In the middle of a hearing some guy wants to know if they can end early because he has other plans. Obviously the guy was tired of being shown what a poor job he did while getting paid a lot of tax payers money.It is disgusting that we have so many people being paid for jobs that they utterly fail at. Many of them cannot even tell you the protocols they are supposed to follow on a day to day basis. Most of you know it already but I was truly shocked that at this point with the threats we as a nation face,our government has lost track of tens of thousands of people that could or could not be a threat.

Signing off, But Never Tapping out!





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