jihadists could sneak into US amid refugees

Thats the word folks directly from the head of DHS Jeh Johnson. yet Obama still shows no sign of backing off on his plan to seed our nation with possible Jihadists it is quite simple for Obama to move forward because plain and simple he is willing to put each and every one of us at risk. He has a boatload of security and is always surrounded by men and women with guns so for him its no big deal. You and I however are another matter all together Dear leader wants to disarm us on top of risking more Jihadists finding their way onto American soil. Our sovereign ground and he is willing to risk us all. Japan says No refugees in their country because their citizens protection must come first. Why is our president  so willing to roll the dice? He denied calling acts oh terrorism as long as he could until he was left no choice. Were he not so worried about offending Muslims maybe he could have made a difference. However he has chosen to squander his ability to make a difference by refusing to truly see the threat of Jihadists for what they are which is an army of zealots hell bent on destroying our way of life and the very things we stand for as a nation. Sadly our nation has seen better days and thanks to liberal leadership our country is suffering. Obama has allowed us to become targets, to be scorned and yes to be attacked  with no consequences to the attackers. oh yes we have killed a few but not in the numbers needed for these people  to understand they have poked this old dog with a stick once to often.

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  1. Thanks for the ping back. =)

  2. So if Jeh Johnson, who should know, says that jihadists could sneak into the country with refugees, how in hell can the president of the United States calm our fears by saying that it would never happen? The head of the friggin’ Homeland Security says it would! Hmmm….isn’t that akin to calling Bobo Obama a liar? Gee…who’d a thought!?

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