The Debate and CNN…Again

I have to say yet again CNN had their own agenda in the debate last night. and I got tired of that woman saying “this is why the people don’t trust you.” I have plenty of trust in the candidates I might favor with a vote.There are however some that I cannot support. People are up in arms about Trump and his idea to kill terrorists  families as well as their families. This is something that no matter how uncomfortable it makes some feel, no matter what American lives first and foremost are to be protected and I could give a rats ass what anybody else thinks.

Cruz had a good night and would not be silenced easily. Christie belted it out in plain and simple American terms and those two men deserve more attention. I like Carson but I do not feel he understands the urgency this country faces. Back to Christie He called out Obama for exactly what he is and I liked that. People need to remember we have the democratic party to thank for what will be eight years of  the weak and inept failure we as Obama.

Donald promised no third party which is a promise I hope he keeps, I don’t know if he will get the nomination but if he went third party he would be giving the election to the liar in a pant suit. Speaking of pant suits we did not hear enough about Hillary last night and how one of these candidates must at all cost must end her political career. This election is as much about saving this nation and turning things around as it is about keeping the pant suit from getting anywhere near the Oval office ever again. American heroes are dead because of her and and if we cannot put her in jail then the least we can do to honor those who were murdered on her watch is to make sure she never has the chance again to hang American heroes out to dry.

Rubio I like but but he has immigration baggage that is not appealing especially at this point in time fresh off a terrorist attack in SoCal So no support from me unless he gets the nomination, which I doubt. Rand Paul gets on my nerves and I just cannot believe his chances to make it to the finish line are that great.

Fiorina is obviously doing her homework but though I like her spunk, I don’t see it unfolding in her favor at this point in time. That said I do believe she is a hell of a lot better than the pant suit


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