ISIS producing perfect Syrian Passports

Just got done watching the news and it appears Isis is producing what look like real Syrian passports. This revelation presents a huge DANGER! Anybody can obtain these fake documents for a couple hundred bucks as the report said. So what do we do to protect our people? Maybe, just maybe Trump has it right? Ban Muslims, well at least until we can get a handle on the Syrian refugee issue and further close our borders until we can be sure  that those Obama wants to bring here have been vetted by the best possible screening we can do. I am sorry but I am not comfortable with a president who wants to disarm us immediately following a terrorist attack. What do we do people? It seems at every turn ISIS is gaining ground and it looks like the winds of change are blowing in their favor.

We simply cannot let our guard down nor can we trust our leadership to make the right call here. Sad but true people we are pretty much on our own so thanks to Obama and his love of those that would seek to kill us I would pretty much say that all we got is each other and we should be looking out for our fellow Americans. They now have the tickets that let them into this country. Remember to thank all the people that refused to vet Obama for those are the same people willing to open the flood gates into this country.


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