We had a heavy rain storm the other day which also brought high winds. this brought down a huge tree in the canyon that in turn  took out power to the entire county I use my generator for many things like blowing leaves and mulching leaves. The problem with this storm was I had neglected to refill the generator and I only had about a gallon of gas in the generator. This meant that I had to drive to Reno to get gas. So my wife and I hooked the generator to the heater (yes it is very cold here now) and I headed to Reno for gas.Was a 4 hour trip and I was shocked to find out that the gallon of gas that was in the generator was still running the generator.Smarter tools Inc make my generator and to run that long on a gallon of gas is simply awesome. My generator is 6500 watts and if any of you are looking to buy one I recommend it and the company have never had a single issue with it in5 years of use. Enjoy the winter people I know I will be warm =)


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