Is it protecting the right to choose or is it about taking responsibility?

As we listen to Bernie Sanders or the liar Hillary Clinton we hear the rhetoric that Planned Parenthood must be protected from those that would shut it down. I have a question. How is it that wholesale murder of the unborn is something so widely accepted in this country? This country under liberal control is becoming a country I am ashamed of. Why would we people of good good faith who follow the word of GOD not take this chance to bring planned parenthood to an end? I am tired of my tax dollars being used to terminate lives that have committed no crimes . Why is a woman granted the right to kill? The laws surrounding abortion need to be rewritten in ways that protect the unborn. Our society protects the unborn if an expecting mother is murdered and the baby is also killed. That is a crime, yet we have given women in this country the right to have that life within them terminated and they are never charged with a crime.

What I am saying here is no worth is placed on the unborn if the woman finds the life within her an inconvenience and to be that is the tragedy of the cold hearted decisions made regarding the unwanted life. This should not be akin to getting rid of a puppy you don’t want its a friggin human life  God Damn it and to those women frequenting Planned parenthood how about taking accountability. Unless there is a medical reason that an abortion must be carried out they should be illegal. Should there be a right to choose? I say no because so many choose for the wrong reason, it is called selfishness and the unborn deserve better than they get.

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  1. This is something that drives me crazy, how in the world did we ever come up with the idea that it is okay to kill your baby before it even has a chance at life? I like you am so sad because this country that I loved so much is nothing like it use to be!

  2. You have hit the nail on the head. When your religion becomes politics and not God-centered, you lose focus on everything that is important. That is exactly what has happened to the liberals in this country (and around the world?). To put it mildly, yes, your second paragraph is absolutely correct. They value the inconveniences of a woman more than they value the life of an unborn child. They tell you it’s about “a woman’s right to choose”. That’s not it. It’s a “woman’s right to not be pregnant when she doesn’t want to be pregnant”. They conveniently leave out that they are murdering a baby…because to them, that would mean they have to face up to feelings they don’t want to face up to. Great post, my friend!!!

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