First Amendment under siege: Government should ban speech that offends minorities, millennials say

Millennials the real culprit here, the very mindset that gives our children participation trophies instead of crowning a champion. the very same mind set that feels it is better to lie rather than speak the truth. What sickness is that is being upon this nation by the weak of heart simpletons who have fallen for the lies touted by the advocates of political correctness.

So lets just say we buy this line of crap and we start banning speech that offends these poor,poor, people. Guess what? Pretty soon we have more people finding more speech that is offensive, and more after that, what then pray- are we to do and what has become of our freedom.  Should we squander freedom that has been given to us to speak our minds? By all rights if we were to allow this, these simple words I write to you all this day might be labeled a crime. Are we truly willing to give away what has been ours for centuries?

I refuse to surrender my right to free speech simply because some weak-kneed idiot does not recognize the beauty of our rights and how without them this country would not be great any longer. But then again some people cannot handle greatness. and cannot understand the beauty we call FREEDOM!

Singing off but Never Tapping out!

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