Perhaps Our Darkest Day

The day Obama was elected by foolish zealots, liberals that were just fine electing a man who had not been vetted. due to the drive to elect a first which would be the first black president. He took an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution. Since that day he has waged his own personal war on our Constitution our most sacred document. he has destroyed our healthcare system against our wishes. He seeks to disarm We The People which is yet another attack on our Constitution and our bill of rights, he has failed at leadership and has shut down healthy debate in Congress and the senate as all he does is make threats to veto common sense legislation. A stunning example is congress has a bill that would enhance background checks on Syrian Refugees. He has lied directly to the people such as today where he states the Syrian refugees are widows and orphans. He has taken the stance that We the People are bad Americans because we don’t want the refugees here in the states. He thinks it is acceptable to brow beat us and force us to accept Syrian,s who he knows damn well might pose a threat to Americans and this country.

Obama fails us in many ways,his partisan stance on so many issues shows us he only takes the liberal path and the rest of us are left to suffer due to his unwillingness to negotiate in good faith across aisle with the GOP He is incapable of cooperation,he continues to spend even though he has aided in vast amounts of American wealth being wasted Perhaps his biggest failure is the fact he will not deal with ISIS in a way that that threat will be eliminated. For a man to state under oath that he will uphold the constitution yet does not require the DOJ to follow the law of the land We are a nation of laws, the law was broken when the IRS targeted conservatives yet nothing real was done about it. He has given crooks a pass and crapped on the honest people of America.I have had enough of this man thinking he knows it all yet time and time again he is caught with his pants down. He makes us unsafe as a nation because he has no idea on how to lead a nation and from day one has been in far,far over his head. Thats my take today thanks for listening.

Signing off, But Never tapping out.



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  1. Thanks for the pingback.

  2. You know the scariest thought here? Here’s a guy that actually TAUGHT constitutional law for 10 years! He wouldn’t know the constitution if it bit him in the ass.

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