Arron Rodgers denounces Fan who yelled Muslims Suck During Moment of silence

Look I understand as Americans we have freedom of speech  but sometimes we must think about emotion within their fellow Americans I have more to say about Radical Islam. They suck and they need to meet their makers post haste. This is something I know many Americans are passionate about. Our president wants us to believe it is all under control, the man is dreaming and his dream could spell the end of America as we Americans have come to know and love it. So when someone shouts out pure emotion maybe somebody like Arron Rodgers  needs to back off and know we are all under threat and and the Muslim population is not speaking out against the terrorists very damn loudly. Aaron Rodgers should maybe take  look at our leadership in this country and understand most of us know we are up crap creek When things go south and Mr. Rodgers is just another sap not understanding how our leadership has willingly surrounded us with those that may in fact side with those who chant DEATH TO AMERICA!


We are alone because our President is unwilling to carry the fight to our enemies.



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  1. Last I knew, Aaron Rogers was a football player, not a philosopher or a political pundit. I frankly, don’t give a rat’s ass what he thinks about anything other than football. By the way, the same general net could also be cast in the direction of Hollywood. I don’t care what actors and actresses think about anything other than their latest movie role, and most of the time I don’t even care about that. Stick to what you do best, and leave the punditry to those of us like me and Bashaar who actually know what we’re doing. This ain’t for amateurs! LOL!

  2. Sorry…that was supposed to be “Basharr”. Sometimes even pundits don’t know how to type!

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