All about them: Mizzou, Black Lives protesters say Paris attacks took spotlight

I am tired of the Black lives matter Whiners and now they have stepped the whining up a notch complaining that the terror attacks in Paris has over shadowed their spotlight. Over 200 people killed or injured in those attacks and they could care less they simply want to be the main focus and to hell with everybody else. Sadly these pukes have no regard for real human suffering and strife All those who were killed and injured in Paris for doing nothing but living their daily lives and attacked for doing nothing at all. Yet all we see is whining from the Black lives matter crowd Seriously, they as a compassionate movement  decided the best thing to do was keep whining as people died? What the hell kind of children did their parents raise? If any of them were my children , they would no longer be in college they would be on their way home and learning some hard lessons about the human condition and the importance of love ,and Compassion. I am always amazed at how some people are so self centered that they fail to display sympathy, love , and compassion and feelings for others because it dies not coincide with their own agenda.At some point there is a chance we here in America will be attacked as well and one thing we can count on is a bunch of self centered whining brats are going to  not wanting to do their part but would rather continue to display lack of complete care about anything but their Black Lives Matter spotlight.


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