ISIS will learn a deadly lesson if they decide to attack us within the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Okay folks today is a double shot from me because I am pissed the F*** off That I had to wake up to the sound of Obama brow beating those of us who do not want Syrian refuges within our borders.

Jan Morgan with Bob Deane and 23 others.
August 14 · Edited ·

The most deadly mistake jihadists make is assuming that Obama’s weak leadership represents the resolve of Americans.

We are heavily armed.. well trained, and when you bring the battle to our home turf, those rules that have tied the hands of our soldiers on your turf, DO NOT APPLY HERE..

We do not fear you..

We will not submit to you.

We will not peacefully stand by and allow you to succeed with civilization jihad on our soil.

Our nation.. our rules..

WE are..
the INFIDELS.. your Imams warned you about..

©2015 Jan Morgan


Time and time again We have had to deal with people that went through all the steps to get into this country only to treat us I thank Jan and her people for their words of strength nd understanding what most Americans feel.

Second post

Collin Raye
15 mins ·

So much for terrorism being reduced to the JV team…..This is what happens when America steps away from the world stage. Terrorism is constant and extremely committed…it will simply not go away or decrease because we’re willing to negotiate with murderous thugs or put our focus on global warming.
If anyone out there thinks that a similar event is not coming soon to our soil yet again, then those people are not only pathetically misinformed and naive but downright stupid.
Ignoring this murderous crap will not make it go away….on the contrary, it will greatly increase in frequency and in level of savagery of acts.
I wonder what the response would be from the government of Russia if an attack like tonight’s event in Paris took place in Moscow?
I do expect an aggressive response from the government of France as France is a nation that defends it’s citizens and it’s national sovereignty….Unlike so many in the US who believe that terrorists are not the embodiment of evil, a cancerous scourge to be totally eradicated but simply misunderstood.
May God help us.
Tonight my heart is wrenched with sadness and worry for the people of Paris and France as a whole. With the recent and mass migration of Middle Eastern immigrants into free nations of Europe, sadly, tragically, we can expect a lot more days like today.
Let us all pray in EARNEST for the victims of tonight’s massacre and the grieving families. It’s time the world, especially the US, pulls it’s collective head out of it’s rear end and WAKES up.
May God help us all~~~Collin


Signing off But Never Tapping out!


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