Mr. President it is time to take ISIS out

There is no reason for anymore innocent people to die at the hands of ISIS There is nothing stopping us from dealing ISIS the death blow. They cannot overpower The might that can be leveled upon them by our armed forces and as a world watches in fear the tables should be turned and Isis should now be the ones living in fear.Are you president Obama ready to pull the plug on ISIS? Or Are you going to stand by and do nothing? do you value any life beyond your own? I ask because you are long on words and short on action. Get off your complacent ass and take action Enough is enough how many more lives will it cost to put these rabid dogs down once and for all.

Keeping Paris in our prayers.



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  1. Bashaar, you are SO right with your comment. Unfortunately, though he may have “Dumbo-sized ears”, our current president doesn’t hear so well. He can’t hear the drumbeat of ISIS on our doorstep. And he is too chicken to try to take them out (though unlike liberal guesstimates which are never accurate), it wouldn’t take 5 or 10 years…not if you did it the right way.

    Read my blog on Islam today…I think you’ll agree! Nice job here!!!

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