For me this was a first.

Look I am not pushing Trump at this point and one of the reasons for my not committing my vote to Trump at this point is his ability to say whatever the hell he wants and his tendency to say things that are thrown out there that in my mind are not terms and statements you want to hear from a man who wants to be the next president of this great nation.In the last 24 hours Donald Trump has likened Ben Carson’s pathology to that of a child molester I was like WHAT!!! Maybe it is me but that is not a term that belongs anywhere near a presidential debate. His new spokeswoman said he used the term tongue in cheek. What? Tongue in cheek my butt! Something I want from the person I will cast my vote for is the term dignity and the ability to act in a dignified manner. I get it,Trump for most of his life has been able to do and say what he wants because he could afford to but in this case it could be a statement he could not afford. This type of talk will sour some of the people he needs lets also think about how people on the edge are going to view this sort of commentary coming from Trump. He is after all using the term against a very accomplished doctor who has turned a troubled life into a huge success.Shaking my head here in disbelief at what I believe is a low blow and something there is no place for. I cannot accept Trumps comment as acceptable. Signing off, But Never tapping out!


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