FBI EXPANDS CLINTON PROBE Email investigation looks at possible violation of ‘false statements’ law

So when they find that she has given false statements and violated the law are the democrats actually continue forth by granting Hillary the nomination? Of course there are going to be a lot of people willing (the liberals) to push forward lies and criminality be damned.  I imagine our founding fathers turning over and over in their graves. I am damn sure that the liberals will have no qualms pushing Hillary towards the presidency. Let me repeat something I have been saying all along. Hillary is not owed a presidency nor should anybody in this country ever cast a single vote in hopes of creating a “First” and by this I mean voting in a first black president, or a first woman president etc. Your votes should be based on how well he or she could perform the Job as president

Obama was a first as being the first man of color to become president of this great nation. Obama however in my opinion has been a failure as a president as he sought to turn this great nation into something it was never meant to be and in doing so he also sunk this nation into such debt that many of us are the ones paying off the debts of the Obama presidency and at some point our children will be paying off the reckless spending from Obma’s watch. Hillary, another wannabe first has already touted her plan to spend trillions more that we don’t have. This my friends is why firsts are dangerous to you and I and the nation as well.

Signing off but Never tapping out!




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