Two Democrat Candidates are showing their hand as Pro Marijuana Guess Who?

It appears that Bernie sanders and Hillary Clinton are both for easing the laws having to do with marijuana This is an indication of how out of touch they concerning Marijuana Marijuana involved car accidents are on the rise. The number of people being charged for marijuana possession in Colorado has cratered, while the number of people cited for using marijuana in public has skyrocketed. I am shocked that any candidate would be so desperate for votes that they would ease the marijuana laws as part of a ploy to win an election. I speak from experience marijuana is a gateway drug that started out innocently enough and lead me into darkness where I can now say I am now clean but not until I had become addicted to meth and heroin . So I ask whose interests do these two candidates have in mind? Both of them seem willing to risk destroying lives if it will get them votes. Looking at Colorado’s Impact report it is clear there are some problems in Colorado since Marijuana was made legal for recreational use ”

The report showed that more young people aged 12 to 17 were using marijuana as well. When asked during a national survey in 2012 whether they had used marijuana in the past month, 10.47 percent of Colorado’s youth said they had, which was 39 percent higher than the national average.

“I never dreamed in a million years that this would happen to my son,” Kendal, a parent who didn’t want to use his last name, told CBS, referring to a time when he came home to find his 13-year-old son unconscious from what he says was a marijuana overdose.

“He was gray. His heart wasn’t beating and he wasn’t breathing,” Kendal said.

Kendal used CPR to resuscitate him, and later talked to his son’s high school peer and supplier.”

Marijuana-related emergency room visits grew 57 percent in two years, from 8,198 in 2011 to 12,888 in 2013, the study found, with a 29 percent increase in emergency room visits for teens.

The report also found that drug-related suspensions and expulsions increased 32 percent between the 2008-2009 and 2012-2013 school years. The majority of expulsions were for marijuana violations.

From 2006 to 2008, there were 1,000 to 4,800 medical marijuana cardholders and no known dispensaries in Colorado. As of the end of 2012, there were 108,000 cardholders and 532 licensed dispensaries.

In November 2012, voters passed an amendment allowing anyone over the age of 21 to use marijuana recreation-ally. But the problem of addiction remains. Many people say Marijuana is not addictive and for that line of crap reread this post and you will see from my own testimony  to what I have quoted from the Colorado Impact report.

Strange we would have two pro drug Candidates from the same party Thank the democrats for being to risk the lives of Americans to gain a few votes.

Signing off But Never Tapping out.


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