F*** Donald Trump I can see this coming from an adult but….

Some days I just get so sick of liberals and their twisted  values There is an attack add out that targets Donald Trump where a few kids featured in the ad hurl the F bomb at trump Who in their right mind thinks it is acceptable to use children in this manner and what kind of parents would allow their children to be used in this manner? Once again we have the liberals to thank for yet another act of idiocy. The same liberal advocacy group is also offering $5000  to someone willing to call trump a liar. I would do that all day long just to bankrupt this idiotic liberal group But I have a feeling they are already running short of cash because the democrats are getting huge backlash from the ad and their use of children in this manner.I hate this ad and perhaps had the cuss words been hurled by an adult I might feel slightly different about the ad. But when politics and liberals have sunk to a low like this it says a lot. Mainly it has been out a couple of days and Hillary has yet to denounce the ad. but then that is to be expected as her moral values are often found to be lacking. This ad has truly gotten me angry and the fact that more Americans are not bothered by it is saddening. Well more coffee for me and perhaps then I can make some sense out of this idiocy. I get it Hispanics are angry because Trump wants to deport illegals and in my opinion I think he should. They cost untold millions every year and often commit horrible crimes against the people of this nation. Not all are bad people but every one of them who has broken our laws by stealing themselves into this country should be made to get in line like the ones who chose to come here through proper channels. So I am not sympathetic to their cause and this attack ad has just irritated me to a point where I will never change my mind on the topic of immigration. Do it legally or not at all.

Leave children out of it if you are going to use them in this manner

Signing off But Never Tapping out!


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  1. F*** the liberals! I’m just sayin’…fair is fair!

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