San Francisco sheriff known for ‘sanctuary city’ defense loses re-election bid in a land slide

Sanctuary Cities must go

Perhaps this headline above is an indicator that San Francisco and the people of are fed up with policy that allows illegals the ability to do harm and destroy lives of of good people? To see that this sheriff lost his job at the hands of the people of  San Francisco, it is a good sign and perhaps a glimmer of hope? Of course I understand the matter of sanctuary cities is not over but this Sheriff getting the boot is a major step forward.We belong to a nation that  has a set of laws and when a city undermines those laws it is usually the people who suffer under the policies of those who seek change but not through legal channels. People have died because of the policies enacted by elitists in the San Francisco Hierarchy. We should count this Sheriff’s failed election bid as a win in the war against the liberal machine, but understand this is not the end of S but it is proof that many people do not support them and are not happy with Sanctuary Cities and the dangers they pose to the citizens of these cities. I am putting today’s news in the win column and signing off but Never tapping out!


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