Quentin Tarantino gets celebrity support

Okay like nobody saw this coming right? QuentinTarantino now has some support as the number of people boycotting his films grow. Jamie Foxx has come to Tarantino’s aid to offer support to the director who has called cops murderers. Of course Foxx has his views and supports what Tarantino has said which is his right but time and time  again we see Hollywood weigh in on these types of things usually we gain a glimpse of how twisted these people are when in comes to values and Right and wrong. To be honest I would not want Tarantino or Jamie Foxx imposing their views on anybodies children because these guys are out there.”Keep Telliing The Truth” was Foxx’s message for Tarantino which pretty much tells us where Foxx stands on the issue. It seems to me Foxx could do more good dealing with the truth and a large dose of reality. but as usual he chooses to be controversial. I get it, it is hard sometimes for these Hollywood personas to break from the idiocy and actually confront the truth that is often disregarded by these celebrities. As I indicated these are not roll models and they are not very good people either if you ask me.

Signing off Bur Never Tapping out!


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