Is it time for a National Do Not Call List?

Hang the phone up its Quentin.Now, let me make this 100% clear I do not for one second believe that law enforcement in this nation would ever turn their backs on we American citizens. That said, let us take a look at our nation and the number of people supporting the anti police hate group known as Black Lives Matter. What has happened in this country where actual presidential candidates (Deomcrats) would not state clear and on the record that ALL LIVES MATTER? What Presidential Candidate would not oppose any movement that cheers the death of police officers? I however am stating right now that people like Quentin Tarantino and so many others in this country  who support the Anti Police movement should be placed on a national Do NOT CALL list If a person does not like the police, Cheers when an officer is killed and stirs hatred against the police of this nation then they should not be allowed to seek any police services. These brave men and women put their lives on the line and even the President of this nation cannot bring himself to do the right thing and condemn the BLM movement. Obama is a coward, finding it easier to say they have a legitimate complaint than to state nationally the war against police must and will be brought to an end. Look for people who claim to hate the police, then what need would they have to call them? How about forgetting three simple numbers and never dial them again? 911? Now we know this will never happen because these very same haters will be the first ones to call when somebody is breaking into their home, or stealing their car or robbing them of their welfare check. It would, however be great to see the Do Not Call List established and applied to these thankless twits. Hey a man can dream… Signing off but, Never Tapping out.


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