Black Lives Matter…Wrong ALL LIVES MATTER!

So,  I am sick and tired of hearing about the Black Lives Matter Movement, what a bunch of idiots t who the hell lacks common decency to a point that they would hold an anti police protest within just a few days after another cop was killed in the line of duty? If you ask me, BLUE LIVES MATTER! You see this Black lives matter hate group does not show up when people are being mugged, or when women are being raped when a small child has gone missing or being abused, The police are the ones who show up. If you want to know what truly pisses me off is many of the people who support Black Lives Matter would still expect police to protect them.You see, I have had my fill of all this hate and bull Crap groups like this tout because I know deep down their twisted little minds get off on the controversy like the twisted sick little whelps that they are. Mike Brown and so many like him knowingly crossed a line and these hateful people will lie and call it murder when a cop has to fight for his own life because some punk tried to take him out. I ask any of these thugs what would they do if they were a cop and some punk was trying to kill them? I know damn well they would fight for their lives or….Call the cops to save them LOL


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