Biden is out! Says time has come and gone to mount serious campaign.

Biden Out

Okay Joe Biden is out, not that he was ever really in in the first place.Dear Hillary must be breathing a huge sigh of relief. I am sure Joe could have beaten Hillary hands down, but a mans heart has to be in it and it was quite obvious Joe has other things on his plate following the horrible loss of his son. So now the pressure mounts for Hillary and she has troubles of her own. Sadly we can be pretty sure that Hillary will get the nod from the Democrats (Party)  which is the last thing we need  no matter how deep her troubles are. that does not mean the Democrat voters don’t care about the Troubles Hillary has gotten herself into, In fact I know some of those voters and some of them are so upset with Hillary that they are saying they will not and could not be enticed to vote for Hillary now. So what I think is we parade our candidates out and start making it known that most if not all are scandal free and free of legal troubles as well. In our list of candidates for the GOP we have some good people and most have more experience than Hillary could ever hope to have. People need to start thinking about the future of this nation and put their foot down, nobody will get nominated to run for President if they are responsible for the loss of American lives who then tried to cover it up. Look Hillary screwed the pooch big time and she needs to pay the price. As a President she is damaged goods plain and simple How does she look the people of this nation in the eye and say she wants to fight for you when she is already making plans to takeaway our guns. We cannot afford these zealots to take control of this nation while we are under threat on a daily basis. Hillary is for killing the unborn, Hillary danced around the Black lives matter or all lives matter.question at the last debate. She is a person who holds many views on things depending on how she wants to spin it or who she is talking to. Hillary is an opportunist who will reverse course over an over if she finds it self serving. Se simply cannot afford for her to become president of this nation ! She is dangerous and mark my words if elected we as citizens would suffer under her insane lust for power. Ask yourself one simple question, Are you willing to have another 4 years of scandal, Spending and dividing of the nation as we have had fot the nearly the past eight years. Are you better off now?

Signing off but Never Tapping out!


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