Senate Democrats block GOP’s ‘sanctuary city’ crackdown

Liberal beliefsThe title says it all folks, just another reminder about the twisted values that liberals place on life. noting is sacred compared what liberals want, they don’t care who they walk on or what harm happens while carrying out their twisted form of law. a number of years ago there was a happy family in San Francisco  and one day while a mans wife and son were at home the man was out with his two other sons and he had a fender bender and what should have been a simple exchange of drivers information the father and is two sons lost their lives over a dented fender. They were killed by an illegal alien released by the Sheriff who because of the sanctuary city chose not to notify ICE and simply let the illegal alien go after serving time on gun charges. So now we have three dead men, and a more recent death of Kate Steinlen.The family I wrote of was the Bologna family and the wife and remaining son sued San Francisco and their case was thrown out even though as with Kate San Francisco was violating the law by allowing the Sheriff to release illegal aliens instead of handing them over to ICE for deportations. The leadership in San Francisco is lawless and they don’t care how many people die because this is the Liberal Utopia! Screw the rest of us who may or may not end up collateral damage of the liberal cause. This madness will not end until enough people say they have had enough and make their voices heard through the voting box! Good people die and the liberals don’t even break stride.

Signing off, But Never Tapping Out!


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