Do all lives matter? It should be an easy question to answer.

As I press forward into my mid 50’s I must say I have never in my life believed anything  but the belief that “ALL LIVES MATTER.” And then  I come to find out that the debate (democratic)  That all but one of the candidates stated instead of all lives matter “Black Lives Matter. How does that make you feel about the democrats running for president? If you are not black you don’t matter to them. I have to question how any candidate can cross a line that drops them right into the frying because I cannot see anyone believing only one race matters could possibly become a president of our great nation.Strange Hillary Clinton had to dance around the question did she maybe balk wanting to see how others answered? Look I don’t know whats in her mind or the other Democrat candidates but if they only think black lives matter they should never be allowed near the white house. They are seeking the job as leader of the greatest nation on earth and they want to dis the very people they want to lead well perhaps the don’t want to lead, maybe they are just seeking power? Maybe they don’t care about all lives I mean it is too late now they cannot take such an insult back I am reminded of another Democrat by the name of George Wallace a man who was quite fond of segregation yet he was a monster who could have lead the White Lives Matter movement. Think about Black Lives Matter is a hate group plain and simple and now we see how desperate most Democrat Candidates are that most of them would throw their own race under the bus without a second thought. I hope enough Americans now under understand All Lives don’t matter to the democrats so how in the hell should another democrat be elected President? Because where it stands now The liberal left is buying into the Black Lives Matter Bull Crap! All but one of them don’t have the strength to stand for all lives. That is a damn shame and an indicator they should not be in the race because this race is about all Americans Kudos to Bernie for stating All Lives. Why  was it so hard for Hillary? Because she wants to answer in a way she does not lose the black vote which tells me she does not have the strength to lead with strength and simply put Hillary should no longer be in the running.



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  1. Well, Democrats may say Black Lives Matter right now, but when the votes need to be counted, they’ll change their tune to ALL Lives Matter…even the dead!

    • Yeah I know you are correct but people need to read the writing on the wall the liberal left is evil in my mind they don’t care about America as long as they hold the white house Black lives matter? yes as you said until it is time to count the votes. smoke and mirrors but have now sold out hard working Americans in hopes of gaining votes from a hate Group.Thanks for the reply and the like. Night =)

  2. Too bad you’re unable to grasp what was really being said….

  3. I grasp what is being said just fine, I am not going to buy in to a bunch bull crap coming from a group that cheers when a cop, a father or mother on the job gets killed because some punk decided it would be a great idea. Look I don’t need ties to any hate group that believes Black lives mean any more than other lives., those are the lies of idiots. Diversywc All lives mattering is truly diverse.

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