Hillary Clinton will be president… just look at how Republicans can’t stop attacking her

Okay before you all think I have lost my mind , this is an opinion piece written by Lanny Davis  who happens to be quite loyal to the Clintons so here we go.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton greets people Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015, following a campaign stop at the Westfair Amphitheater in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Why are Republicans so obsessed with Hillary Clinton? Maybe cause they don’t want to run against her?

There’s not much news in saying that all the Republican presidential candidates, commentators, and the well-financed Clinton-hate machine are focused on Hillary Clinton.

Of course she is far from perfect.  But isn’t it interesting that they never explain this focus on her – what to me often appears to be an obsession.

Here is a fair question that even those who don’t plan on voting for Hillary Clinton may be able to answer honestly:  If Hillary Clinton weren’t a formidable candidate, would the Republicans all be picking on her?

Hillary is likeable, trustworthy, and electable to most Democrats and by the time she is the Democratic nominee, she will be leading in the polls over the Republican nominee.

The answer, of course, is no.

If they don’t fear her becoming the Democratic nominee, why are they so literally compulsive about attacking her all the time (and even promoting Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden when they have a chance)?  The answer is obvious: They don’t want to run against her.

Why is that?

Easy answer:  Because she is the most qualified person vs. any Republican in the race.  Who else has served and had experience advising a husband who was a six-term governor and a two-term president, so she understands the importance of executive branch in leading and executing policy?

Plus, she served in the legislative branch in the U.S. Senate for eight years, was respected widely by Republicans as well as Democrats, for her legislative abilities to debate issues and find compromises. And she has had extensive foreign policy experience as Secretary of State for four years.  (All the world’s leading respected polling organization have documented that when she left office, America’s standing in the world, country-by-country, increased positively by a substantial margin).

If you think experience and qualifications don’t count, think again.

We are in an age when two-thirds of America are frustrated that government doesn’t work in Washington (they have a right to be) and things are going in the wrong direction. And America is still faced with an existential threat by ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other fanatic religious extremist terrorists.

So, it seems to me, having experience in foreign affairs should be and will be important when Americans vote in November 2016.

Then there are those who spend most of their time attacking Hillary on personality perceptions, as if she is running for student body president.

My good friend Cal Thomas actually wrote a column on these pages in which he managed to express all his negative “feelings” about Hillary Clinton without ever engaging in a substantive discussion about a single issue on which he differs from Hillary Clinton – a single issue that Americans actually care about, such as job creation, education, the need for more robust economic growth, the threat of ISIS, etc.

This proves that even someone as intelligent and nice as Cal Thomas has gotten so swept up in being “anti-Hillary” that he forgets about the real substantive issues that he is so skillful at discussing and debating.

Bottom line:  Hillary is likeable, trustworthy, and electable to most Democrats (over 70% by every poll) and by the time she is the Democratic nominee, she will be leading in the polls over the Republican nominee.

That is my first prediction.  See if I am right or wrong.

But here my second prediction: The Republicans will continue to attack her personally in the general election campaign, rather than debating the issues.  That is another reason why I believe my first prediction will be correct.

Stay tuned.


This is not about candidates not wanting to run against Hillary Lanny this is about people understanding reality and knowing Hillary is as bad as it gets when considering  her a possible president. She lied about Benghazi, She failed to protect our ambassador and in fact denied extra security when the Ambassador requested it and became a victim of the attacks in Benghazi. She has exposed this nations top secret intelligence and “chose” not to follow certain protocols and decided instead to use her own private email server over encrypted Government servers. When asked to turn over the server she had it wiped clean, or at least she thought she did. Mr. Davis claims she is electable trustworthy and likable his words fly in the face of numerous polls that claim the exact opposite of what he claims. Hillary is weak and has yet to take accountability for the deaths of Americans on her watch as Secretary of State she could not protect a handfull of people yet now wants us to believe she can protect the entire nation. Lanny may be fooled but Hillary is dangerous to America and to the people of this great nation. The reality is Hillary should not be running  for president, she is a liar and my bet states she is also fairly close to a stint in a Federal prison I believe the only thing keeping her out of Prison is Obama. Hillary is probably one of the biggest liars I have seen, she has a longstanding issue with honesty and how to avoid being honest. Look at the email server scandal and how hard it was for the investigators to get to the truth and yet almost daily something else turns up that exposes another lie she has told about her stint as sec of state. We need accountability in the white house and we would never get that from Hillary plain and simple!

Signing off, But Never Tapping out!


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