Taking A Stand No matter the consequences

Those of you out there that read my ramblings probably remember the story about  my neighbor having things stolen from him. Well in my neighborhood I have noticed what was obviously drug dealings going on in the open. At first we look and wonder what is going on and who these people are? After observing they are strangers to me  but though I do not know their names, they are familiar because they visit a couple of houses in my neighborhood. Well like I said if you read what I write you know I have a couple friends that work for the department of corrections So myself and a couple neighbors decided to take a stand, it was our plan to confront these people and let them know it was time for them to take their business elsewhere. Well my corrections buddy wanted to help out and as we confronted these scum suddenly I see a row of cop cars pulling onto my street, I was somewhat surprised and as it turns out my corrections buddy called in some of his cop buddies. We were correct it was drugs Oxycontin. Sadly arrests did little to divert them the next day they were back and today my wife got mad dogged by some punk thinking that is going to go well for him I called the cops and told them what had taken place and about the arrests and the cops were at my house in a matter of minutes. The cop said keep calling them and he will have his buddies start making their presence more obvious in the neighborhood. it was pretty funny to see the look on the guys face trying to intimidate my wife when the cop got in his face and told him If I feel the need to call again he is going to send it to the DA.

Look I am no super hero but I live here and I don’t want this crap going on in my neighborhood.I paid good money for my home and I’ll be damned if I am going to let any lowlife punk lower the standards of life I choose to live by.To be honest I don’t recommend confronting drug dealers without bringing in the police to have your back because people who are willing to openly break the law can be dangerous

Signing off but Never tapping out!


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