Kevin McCarthy opens mouth inserts foot

I guess what Kevin McCarthy has learned is a wagging tongue will eventually betray you. Now it is important to understand Hillary needs to fall she is dangerous, she has reached out now to the Black lives matter people who could be seen as a hate group in fact it is not much of a reach. She has also compared the GOP pro life belief to terrorists. and honestly I cannot in my mind fathom electing a president who has used the term terrorists over a differences in views on abortion. What McCarthy has said is not the end of the world, but it does show us he is not who we need as Speaker of the house. I am going to be blunt and honest here Yes we on the right want to derail Hillary and her god awful campaign. its no conspiracy it is reality and Hillary and the left want to derail Trump and any other candidate seeking the same position as Hillary.We all know servergate is a product completely brought on by Hillary and the same goes for Benghazi and the debate surrounding the deaths of Americans while she was Sec of State. She needs to pay a price, people are dead , Americans are dead and she willingly aided Obama in attempting to cover it up. Her political career is made op of a huge web of lies and every chance she gets she adds to that web. So yeah McCarthy screwed up, but I wager Hillary has screwed up far worse she has tipped her hand as well and  in doing so has shown us she will be no better than Obama if the people of this nation are foolish enough to put her in the White House. She is power hungry and believes she is owed the job as president. Nobody is owed that job and especially not a chronic liar. She has compromised the security of this nation for no other reason than to cut corners because she is lazy.And I ask you one question, Hasn’t this nation had enough of the Clinton lies, Drama, and scandal to last us all a lifetime? Once she compared us to terrorists I was done believing she had any amount of honor in her at all. She is not a person we can afford to have representing our nation to the world. She is a liar, a fake and seeks only power. She is incapable of putting the nation and we Americans ahead of her lust for power. We now how she would lead, just like she did in Benghazi a trail of death, blood and lies!

Signing off, But Never Tapping out.


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