Don’t be fooled by the Charlatan in the white house.

Obama meets the definition of a Charlatan on many levels Immediately after the shooting in Oregon President fell back to his gun control mantra, immediately and I mean immediately  you can almost see his pitiful mind formulating his plan to take away one of our greatest rights, the right to keep and bare arms. Our president would be more than happy and in fact he would be giddy to remove the freedoms granted to us in the second amendment. Here’s the rub though, when our rights are seen as up for grabs then they become no longer OUR RIGHTS. But rather something people in our elected variety like to start to tinker with most often in diminishing ways So now again Obama wants to take away our gun rights…Again, this has been his fallback issue and every time a few more people start to think what a wise man he is. An the truth is this is what he wants people to believe. He is no wiser than you or I you know when a tragedy happens like the one in Oregon immediately Obama is gassing up Air-force One and heading to the scene of the crime to offer us his snake oil and dreams of a gun free world but if we bought into his sales pitch we would wake up one day  in horror screaming “WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!” and it would be our own fault for being so stupid to believe a single word Obama has used to try so hard to take from us the protections and rights that allow us to protect our families and our property. When people like Obama and his liberal backers are given the chance to rake away any part of our personal freedoms, like a junkie they begin to eat away at them until they are gone  or so damn bastardized  they are of no use any longer. Our founding fathers knew we would face challenges and knew as well many would come from within the government they had created.They could not assure us that all elected officials of honorable character. We are on our own so we as the keepers of this great nation must do everything in our power to keep the leadership in this country in check. Obama’s reign is coming to an end but without a doubt there is another like Obama just waiting for his or her chance to pounce…Mark my words and we cannot become numb to these threats against Our freedoms!

Signing off but Never tapping out.



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  1. Nice Arlin I now know what pingback is…I had to look it up. =)

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