California Lake Dries Up Overnight, Leaving Thousands Of Dead Fish The power company with water rights to the lake blames drought, but a neighbor says the explanation sounds fishy.

The death of a lake and the inevitable fallout

PG&E Drained this lake overstepping protocols and overreaching the law.Pacific Gas & Electric has destroyed one of my favorite places to fish and commune with nature. The power company was supposed to leave a specific amount of water in the lake but they failed to do so and now thousands of fish are dead and they are trying hard to skirt accountability Mountain Meadows Lake has been destroyed and I am pissed the hell off. Actually I am heart broken there was no need to completely drain the lake  and destroy a habitat that helped feed Bear,Deer,Osprey,Bald Eagles and so much other wildlife.the entire ecosystem up here will suffer and we have just begun to see the impact this idiotic action will have in our region. How does anybody justify this what a waste, it is unimaginable.


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