Imagine this if you will

You are sleeping comfortably in your bed, you are warm you have not a single care in the world your life is perfect your belly is full and in an instant your home is invaded and you are dragged out of your slumber and executed for doing nothing more than attaining the spark of life You have just been aborted!

Well yesterday the head of planned Parenthood spent five hours of her life on the hill in a hearing about what she does for a living. Planned parenthood is a non profit that pays the head of the snake $600,000 a year of our tax money, look we are not donating this money out of the kindness of our hearts, this is what our government is doing with our tax dollars they are turning us into accessories to murder. Do we as Americans want to sponsor murder with us having no choice in the matter? I know some of you  don’t believe abortion is murder but then I pose the question what do you call the purposeful termination of a human life?

Congressman Jason Chafitz is pushing an end to the government funding of Planned Parenthood and he is under fire from Democrats who are trying to label him as a zealot against women’s rights He is not a zealot he is a man who understands Planned Parenthood has plenty of money if they can afford to pay their leader 600K a year. We tax payers should not be on the hook to pay for abortions I understand medical care is sometimes needed and an abortion may as well be needed to save the life of a mother but we are at a point in society where abortions are being performed as a matter of convenience People know the consequences when they have sex protected or not there is always a possibility that the consequence is a pregnancy.For anybody thats paying attention, countless dollars are spent yearly to give free handouts in the form of free abortions Why give them out free especially when some people use abortion as a form of birth control? I personally never gave my Government the nod that I was good with them using my tax dollars to give out free abortions. Perhaps some of these people should have to pay for these abortions and then they might learn a bit about responsibility.The bottom line here is if planned parent can pay just one employee 600k a year and continue to pay the rest of their staff then they don’t need money from you or I In fact they should get their money from the Democratic party to pay for all these abortions.I bet if the Democrats had to foot the bill on their own their stance on abortion would change. We need to ask ourselves are we willing to take a stand? and the answer to that question begs another question…How important is life to everyday Americans?


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