Bill Clinton blames Republicans, media for extending wife Hillary’s email controversy

Honesty Not Natural to the Clintons

Lets face it Bill Clinton and his wife do not come by honesty easily or naturally, So for Bill to blame the GOP and the Media for extending Hillary’s email scandal I about choked to death on my coffee. Bill is of course distracting or at least attempting to distract us from the reality that since day one Hillary has ignored, denied, lied etc, etc, etc. And now she parades Bill out to right the ship. Her honesty could have been a great help to her, but Dear Hillary seems to have forgotten where she left her honesty at after the first time she used it and found it a bit uncomfortable. Bill blaming the Republicans sounds like a line about conspiracy that his wife always falls back too. The media and the vast right wing conspiracy. Between the two of them they sound like a couple of paranoid loons always blaming others for the troubles they invite upon themselves. Look this could have been dealt with quickly from the get-go But Hillary chose to take the long road because she did not want to come clean about the reality and use of her private email server. Then to compound that in another effort to skirt honesty and accountability she had the server wiped clean or so she thought but it seems those emails keep popping up to remind her of her dishonesty. To be honest Bill seems at this point to echo her which does not do her much good because this investigation is a product of her own doing and again Hillary believes she is above the law. The state Department has in place protocols that Hillary was supposed to follow but Hillary being lazy chose not to follow said protocols and rather found it easier  to compromise the security of this nation. So to Bill I have to say you are the last person we the people are willing to believe because you sir are a liar plain and simple. However having stated that truth, I find it incredible that Hillary actually believes parading Bill out to further her claims of a vast right wing conspiracy and a bias media is laughable Does the right wing in this country want her gone? Of course it is politics and thats the name of the game but to try and label her wrongs as a conspiracy is typical and seems a bit thin skinned  and somewhat paranoid. Does America have need for proven liars to fiddle their way into a reality that would likely be marred with more scandal, more lies and for damn sure more blame to be leveled on other people to escape the consequences of her own actions and bad deeds. and then her follow-up is to send out the court jester yes the man who looked the nation in the eye and said “I did not have sex with that woman”. Under oath he lied and squirmed and finally had to come clean and admit he had sex with Monica. Now Bill makes a joke out of it but it still damages his ability to be taken seriously and his wife is just as bad when she blamed the attacks in Benghazi on a non existent video nd then knowing the video claim was a lie continued the lie telling the parents of one of 4 Americans killed in the attacks that they would find the person responsible for the videos.and deliver justice. Lies again as it all that seems to flow from her lips. Sorry HillaryBill cannot get you out of this by flashing a smile and claiming a conspiracy. You Hillary need to answer to the people!

Signing off But Never Tapping out!


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