John Boehner, House Speaker, Will Resign From Congress!

Tears on his pillowThis is music to my ears, I cannot stand Boehner and honestly he is as do nothing as do nothing gets. I gave up on him the moment he would not vote to end insider trading for congress that they have gotten rich on due to certain information they get because of their position in our government. Well it seems other members of the house have been pushing for his ouster. and thankfully they have gotten their wish. I knew he was on the outs with the party and am glad to see some house cleaning going on, we as a party do not need weakness at the party’stop spot. I cannot say I will miss him and I know for damn sure the GOP can do better without him. and save a crap load of cash that used to be used to dry his tears. October is ssuposed to be the final farewell and I am counting the days.

Signing off but Never Tapping out!


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