The Big Bad Blonde Primadonna in the room


Primadonna alert! Yes Donald Trump has become the Primadonna in this election on the GOP side. Currently he is demanding another apology from fox news over something a guest on the news channel said about him.”National Review’s Rich Lowry suggested that Carly Fiorina “cut [Trump’s] balls off with the precision of a surgeon” at the CNN Republican debate, much to host Megyn Kelly’s shock. “You can’t say that,” Kelly said. For once, she and Trump agreed.” Look I like A lot of what Trump has said about the state America is in thanks to liberal leadership under Obama, But what needs to be said to “The Donald” is grow a set!I personally I am tired of hearing trump whine about what gets said about him because he says a lot about people as well and most of it is not flattering commentary. In fact most of it is rude, childish and often uncalled for. I want a strong president for America and frankly the constant demands for apologies are just not cutting it. Trump needs to remember he entered into this race and he is not alone in this race so people are going to say things he doesn’t like. Sadly he acts as if he is the only one allowed say mean things, which to me is not up to par with what we should expect from a man or woman who truly wants to make America Great again. Can we get through a week without a Twitter War? Can we get through a week without comments about how a rival looks? A lot of what we here from Trump is immature comments which is fine for those who like to watch a train wreck every now and again. But for my tastes I want to hear from him about policy, Plans, tactics that indicate he has real ambitions and ideas for this country. Immigration is only one of a gaggle of troubles we face as a nation and for every minute he is whining about somebody owing him and apology I would like to remind him about free speech and people’s opinions. If his thin skin is any indication one might be of the opinion Mr. Trump is all for free speech when it is him tossing the mud but not so much when the mud is tossed at him. I liked Trump for speaking honestly about the problems we as a nation must address and I am all for free speech, however to become President he has a long hard road especially if he chooses to act like a Primadonna. So take my advice Mr. Trump and start addressing the qualities you have that can convince people you have what it takes to lead this nation out of the sink-hole Obama has put us in otherwise you are nothing but an ego full of hot air and zero substance. and are nothing close to what is needed to make America great again.

Signing Off, But Never Tapping Out!


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