So the Senate has Blocked the attempt to defund Planned Parenthood

This tragic headline states in other words Planned Parenthood is free to keep on killing the unborn! Of course they don’t kill the unborn unless you or someone else asks them to and just like that another life is ended with your tax dollars. the worst part is that often the same person comes back again to end yet another life. Is our nation so cold that our elected officials cannot crack down on these killers? ABORTION IS NOT A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL! Get a damn clue people and take responsibility for that life you damn well knew was a possibility when you were having SEX. Our elected officials who will not defund Planned Parenthood have no souls and I hope they pay for their transgressions against the unborn. The innocent souls that are torn viciously from the womb, their only crime developingĀ as God planned it. I wonder if people think of God when they are in the process of having a life snuffed out within them? Is there any way to justify this type of mass killing? Are we at war with an army of the unborn? Have these unborn lives attacked us? Please Please tell me what they have done to deserve to die? For those of you in the senate that helped assure that more innocent lives will be terminated I hope you sleep well at night because you are all sponsors of murder, you are playing God and that is not your place.

I only have one question…If you comfort yourselves by believing its not a life then why abort it?


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