Liberal Democrats continue to embrace failure and corruption.

Hillary said it

My apologies up front here for the image I have used in this post But I think it is important to understand how closely Hillary Clinton mirrors the words of Adolph Hitler. Now to be fair we don’t know if this is how she truly feels about the importance of the individual and society. You see Hillary will use quotes and terms that at the moment she believes will serve her cause.She is an opportunist who is concerned only about the pathway to power for her and her alone. Thus I make a point here Hillary, dear, dear Hillary is looking out for the individual the exact person she states we should stop thinking about. She contradicts herself and this means her message fails and frankly I don’t mind because her message stinks. But I wonder how so many of the liberal left can continue to support her when she can’t even keep her message on point? This brings us to a line of thought that boggles the mind. How is it that with no major accomplishments (other than helping Obama cover up american deaths in Benghazi) do people still want her in the white house, why does the liberal left embrace failure and corruption? And before I hear any complaints about tying Hillary to corruption might I point out she had her private email server wiped clean (or so she thought) when it became evident she was going to have to answer to her use of said server over Government protocols that she chose to disregard. Yet here we are watching again as the liberal base has some idiotic belief that Hillary is the ticket.Yes her numbers go up and down but she is not losing the ground she should be and the reason is many of her liberal supporters look the other way and give corruption a pass. She is not likable and her belief that she is owed a trip to the White House is insane. She continues to state her choice to use the Private email server was allowed. This is an outright lie. Her mentality is they did it so I did it too. Does this mean she believes she is above the law? My belief is to a point yes she thinks she is above the law but what is worse in my mind is that her poll numbers indicate that quite a few people also think she is above the law or they just don’t care which is actually really scary.

Signing off, But Never Tapping Out!


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