Republican debate on CNN…He said, She said? WTF!

After watching the varsity debate on CNN the other night I was left with a couple of thoughts The first one being CNN is crap This debate was like watching a live version of The National Enquirer Nothing but a bunch of he said, She said crap. It got old fast and by the end of the debate I wanted to punch Jake Tapper in the face. I want to hear what the candidates have to say on how they are going to fix this nation after the liberal left has has driven America into a ditch. Well perhaps it is much bigger than a ditch and more like a canyon. But instead CNN thought it was a better plan to turn the debate into a remake of the Jerry Springer Show. It was a pathetic debate with only a few moments worth mentioning In my book Christie did well as did Carly but we could have gotten more need to know information if Tapper had quit cutting them off. and he wasted so much time playing the he-said,she said BS.

Look this is a debate that is supposed to bring forth information we can use to cast our votes in good conscience not to decide who can make the best insult and snotty comeback. Is this what the liberals have done to this country? It was a disappointing debate for me because the CNN folks had an obvious agenda and for that very reason we were robbed of our time and what could have been. There is no doubt the candidates want to compete, and we know they want to do away with liberal leadership in this country which brings us to the agenda of division fostered by our always loving liberals to Get the GOP to shred each other and then hold them up before the nation as a party in turmoil and dysfunction. I was pleased to see that in most cases the red meat bait was not effective.But this does end the attempts that will be put forward to derail any possible chance the next president will be a conservative!

Signing off, but Never tapping out!


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