Thieves, I friggin hate them!

So I have this neighbor she is quite old but she has a boat load of children and not one of them is worth two shakes of a turd. So today I am up the street at a friends place   and I see one of these no-account sons of my neighbor pushing a shopping cart and I look and see items in it that belong to a friend that lives up the street So I call my friend ask if he gave this guy his stuff. He says no so I call the cops. Turns out my friends wife forgot to lock their shed and this jerk was helping himself to stuff that was not his. So I call the cops, my neighbor sees her son being arrested and she yells at me. I told her right in front of the cop, Don’t blame me because your your offspring is a Fuc**ng Thief! I thought the cop was going to die laughing, but he held most of his composure but told her “The man is right your son is a thief.



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  1. Congratulations! The problem with America today is that we don’t stand up for those that have been wronged, or face those that have wronged us and make them see what they’ve done. Hell, back when I was growing up, if I took an apple from my neighbor’s apple tree and someone saw me do it without asking permission, I was marched down to my house and told to explain to my parents what I had done. THAT was parenting. This woman, regardless of age, needs to have those kids removed!

  2. The problem is the woman’s children are grown which makes it worse.They have no respect for anybody including themselves.Her grandson just finished up a 3 year restraining order we had against him for making drunken threats to burn our house down. You should see our house we have 4 night vision security cameras the cops joke we are better equipped than them…LOL

    Just so you know I got marched home a few times for helping myself to the neighbors peaches.

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