Where were you when the world stopped turning

This is my second installment in my tribute to those we lost in the cowardly attacks on 9-11-2001 As I stated in an earlier post I changed that day, maybe not for the best but change I did. I am less tolerant because I have grown tired of those that say we deserved those attacks. We deserved nothing and that’s the reality Terrorists don’t have to justify because they are often seen as heroes for the actions that they take. to think that such fanatics would be viewed as heroes boggles the mind. I get it, as I stated I changed that day and nothing will ever bring back the person I once was before that day.  I carry with me daily remnants of rage, hate disgust and wonder that how in those times could fellow Americans fault us and say we deserved it but then I have to catch myself and remember many that would say such things are like those I will not name because though are Americans they are of the fringe. I am sure you understand the type? Those that might sue a widow whose husband was a war hero or those that might photo-shop the twin towers to remove the plane flying into them. None the less they are Americans and I only hope someday they see the light. I don’t really if they ever see the light because it is not I who will ultimately be their final judge.So I carry on day after day and I simply carry with me a thought , one single thought…”People Are Crazy” Maybe even more so  now than before those attacks? Thanks for reading my ramblings

Signing off but Never Tapping out!


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