Have you forgotten?

Today my heart aches for those we lost in the cowardly attacks on September Eleventh 2001 I will never forget that day as I spent much of it crying for this nation and the tragic loss of American lives. However along with my tears that day rage was born within my soul, like I had never known before. Some people may never understand how rage transforms a man, it is part of the reason I cannot stomach much of what goes on and comes from the Obama Administration. For as long as I can remember America as in The United States of has been the beacon of freedom to the world and has continually thumbed its nose at those I would call oppressors So yes today is a day that will forever bare a solemn reminder. America and her people should remain ever vigilant and never shy away from doing what is right because that Is what Americans do and it is what makes us exceptional We may not be a perfect nation but I truly believe it would be hard to find a better one. We all lost something on 911-2001 Let us never forget that day.

Signing off but Never Tapping out!


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