top of the list to report Hillary has apologized for using private email server while Secretary of State.

Hillary Lies So the news is out after months and months of scandal Hillary Clinton has apologized for using a private email server during her time as Secretary of State. I do have some questions to ask of her the main one being “What the hell took so long?” She in the job she had was supposed to serve the best interests of the citizens of the United States of America. But what she did out of laziness was possibly place national security at risk. Now I know people are tired of this Email scandal but people must not forget what she has done as there is a very big chance top secret information belonging to us is now in the hands of others. You know, as a general standard when people make a mistake they tend to apologize for it but Hillary lives by a different set of rules much like those of her old Boss President Obama.She thinks everything she does is acceptable  even when it means possibly compromising the very security of our nation. You see it should not be like pulling teeth to get an apology but in the long run the length of time it took negates the sincerity of her words. Without a doubt her unwillingness to apologize has harmed her campaign but I believe  it may be too late for her to recover from this scandal brought on by pure laziness. She has never been strong when it comes to honesty and she is quick to push her troubles off on the GOP but Hillary is the one and only who brought these troubles upon herself. I am glad though because I believe the damage from her personal choices will save us from another do nothing but start trouble president. She is ill-equipped to handle what a real president might possibly face.

She lied about how Americans died in Benghazi and if it were my son who was killed over there I would without a doubt want the truth no matter how unattractive it may be. Hillary Clinton is a bad person who believes she is above the very same laws you and I have to live under. America would be better off if she never had a job in government again. For her it is about power, control and ego.

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  1. WHOA! You tell me to use a 5 lb hammer, and bring out the 10 pounder??? What’s up with that!!?? Nice job!!

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