Kim Davis will “NOT” Violate her conscience.

Kim Davis Stands for what is right in this countryKim Davis is out of jail, but she never should have been put there in the first place! I thank her for taking a stand for her religious and personal belief system. I would never have believed that a judge would send Kim Davis to Jail because she refused to violate her conscience. She was released today from jail after six days away from her family and I have to ask what in the hell has happened in this country? We have a freedom of religion as one of our god given rights but apparently what we believe and hold sacred is really not important at least in the eyes of certain people. Why do our religious rights suffer because other people have thrown out traditional marriage in favor of marrying the same sex? God put us here and we were to go forth and multiply. How does this happen between same sex couples? It is an affront to God (Remember him?) It warmed my heart to see this woman make a stand. I am sure this post will offend some but the Supreme court offended 77% of the nation, it is not their job to create and make laws yet they have pretty much done so. American values are under fire, in California of all states we voted down Gay marriage and the supreme court of California nullified the vote. When we the people speak we expect our voices to be listened to.

My hope is Kim Davis has opened some eyes and silenced some foes as she is on the right side of this idiocy and had the strength to uphold her values. Thank you Kim! I wish more Americans held their values so tightly.



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  1. Actually, I give her double congrats…she holds to her beliefs and she’s a DEMOCRAT!?!?! That takes REAL courage. In fact, I would just bet she’d be for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Just sayin’…

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